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USABP Presents - From Trauma to Post-Trauma Growth

  • 12 Jan 2023
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Zoom


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This Spotlight Series Event is brought to you in partnership with Official USABP Educator Organic Intelligence. 

Event Description:

The complex weave of the human experience asks us to be present, and to bring observational and interventional skills to each of these aspects: Image, Sensation, Orientation, Meaning, and Affect (ISOMA). This ISOMA framework, when well differentiated, helps reveal clients’ in-the-moment patterns of feeling and behaving. Within a clear container of relational attunement, fixated and maladaptive patterns are found to be equal parts challenge and gift. We’ll see how to elicit those habitual patterns and how we help cultivate and harvest their organic gifts. These gifts, rightly reinforced, grow a system into one which organizes itself into the ongoing mode of Post-Trauma Growth. A system so grown becomes a more capable, conscious, and compassionate human being. 

While open to all, this workshop is intended for intermediate practitioners and above and will present video examples, therapeutic tools to start using right away, experiential learning, and a bonus gift.

The Main Points of This Workshop:

▪ The strange attraction of trauma

▪ Sources of unrecognized harm in treatment

▪ Breaking the neural habit of disorder

▪ Setting the context for organic healing

▪ Why doing less makes more sense

▪ Attuning to the person by recognizing the Phase of their biological organization

▪ How addiction and dysregulation have a common biological system root

Participants will learn:

— How to increase effectiveness and client safety by decreasing in-session intensity

— Assess a client’s organic resilience (vs their top-down management skills) using clear, observable somatic criteria

— Increase Post-Trauma Growth (PTG) tendencies with Free Association Conversations (FACs)

— Facilitate clients’ embodiment of unconscious impulses toward PTG

— Enhance attunement by using the tools “in Phase”—recognizing clients’ in-the-moment behaviors that guide attuned interventions

— Enhance the practitioner’s own sense of confidence, ease, and connection

This event will be recorded and available for members.
Non-members who register for this event also have access to this video. This course will not include CEs.

Our featured presenter will be:
Steven Hoskinson M.A. (Psychology), M.A.T. (Theology)

Steven Hoskinson is an author and teacher in Post-Trauma Growth. He founded Organic Intelligence® (OI™) and has trained thousands of therapists, coaches, and other helping professionals worldwide. Steve is Adjunct Faculty for the  JFK School of Psychology at National University, former Senior International Instructor for the Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute, a founding member of the Northern California Society for Integrative Mental Health, the International Transformational Resilience Coalition, Advisory Board Member for The Trauma Foundation, and has presented  at professional conferences worldwide. Dedicated to empowering healers and teachers, he has created a host of learning environments for Post-Trauma Growth, including the OI Coach Certification program, the End of Trauma™ Course for personal resilience, and The End of Trauma Podcast.


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Hoskinson, S., & Ho, B. (2022). A non-directive positive reinforcement framework for trauma and addiction treatment. International Body Psychotherapy Journal, 21(1). [Get this as a free download at]

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About the Spotlight Organization

Organic Intelligence is an online membership with a wealth of self-learning tools to enrich your personal and professional life from day one. Developed and taught by Organic Intelligence® Founder Steve Hoskinson, OI Basics introduces you to the visible physiological keys and the science underlying successful therapy.

As a leader in the Somatic Psychology field, Steve worked as International Training Faculty for Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute for 17 years and is currently Adjunct Faculty for JFK University’s Somatic Psychology program. READ MORE


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We look forward to seeing you at this premiere event.

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Houston, TX 77055


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