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Our Mission: To train therapists to help their clients connect to their own bodies as a fundamental resource through the use of a powerful somatic tool, the Tuning Board.

What is the Tuning Board? The Tuning Board is a professional-quality portable balancing device whose gentle, constant motion allows for movement in any plane. Its continually moving surface gives the user an experience of constant motion and flow. The experience is that of a continual dance, as centering and grounding are interwoven with movement. 

With minimal use (a few minutes over the course of each therapy session), clients begin to embody key resources such as grounding, centering, spatial orienting, balance, and body awareness and connection. With additional training, therapists can use the Tuning Board more extensively to arrive at deeper healing and resolution of trauma.


“Because the Tuning Board will never be perfectly still, the individual is challenged to find, and quietly attune to, a relative stability, while surrendering rigidity, fragmentation, and holding patterns to motion.”

— Darrell Sanchez, Ph.D.


Therapists use the Tuning Board with their clients to:

Connect Them to Their Bodies

·    Invite fuller embodiment and kinesthetic awareness;

·    Restore a client’s ability to use their own body as a fundamental resource;

·    Improve the ability of clients to self-calm when anxious.

Connect Them to Their World

·    Help clients to simultaneously maintain internal body awareness and groundedness while fully perceiving and being present in their environment;

·    Encourage clients to be aware of and enjoy the safety and wholeness of the present moment;

Unlock Hidden Information

·    Reveal traumatic fixations through movement;

·    Invite authentic movement and archetypal expression to reveal and release obstructions;

·    Access the whole person through engagement with information held in postures and movement patterns;

Invite Transformative Movement

·    Restore the flow of movement and energy through the body and whole person;

·    Help clients become more flexible and resilient;

·    Encourage creativity and increase confidence through the somatic integration of stability and movement, tension and release, discomfort and flow.


“It is a brilliant invention that enriches every kind of somatic work, particularly SE. To directly learn with Darrell about the many faceted possibilities of using the Tuning Board, is an exquisite opportunity to deepen your own clinical skills”

— Peter Levine, Ph.D.


There are now several videos available that would be pertinent for somatic therapists:

- a beautiful video of Darrell explaining and showing what the Tuning Board is about (

- a video on how to introduce the Tuning Board to one's client (

- a video on using the Tuning Board in SE (

- a brief video showing how it may bring up sensation awareness that then leads to insight (

About Darrell Sanchez, Ph.D.

Creator of the Tuning Board, Darrell Sanchez, PhD, is a licensed professional counselor, trauma therapist, Certified Advanced Rolfer, and Rolf Movement Practitioner, with a background in dance and dance instruction. He travels internationally to teach therapists how to encourage their clients’ embodiment and embodiment resourcing through the use of the Tuning Board. Dr. Sanchez has published articles on creativity, the body's memory, Rolfing structural integration, the Tuning Board, and vertical integration and resourcing. As a structural integrator, he brings a deep understanding of human verticality and the primordial relationship with gravity to his psychological work. The common thread woven through all of Dr. Sanchez's work is the facilitation of creative transformation through engaging the whole person. He has practiced and taught therapeutic modalities based on the integration of mind and body for over thirty years.

Dr. Sanchez developed the Tuning Board after being inspired by his movement therapy clients’ positive reactions to sitting on the large “Swiss” balls. He wanted to offer clients a similar experience of fluid movement in the vertical posture, our primary human orientation.

For more information about the Tuning Board's use in somatic therapy, visit

   Click here to learn about upcoming trainings with Dr. Sanchez.

   Click here to order your Tuning Board. USABP members use discount code USABP2022

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