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Focusing Oriented Nutrition Skills (FONS): An experiential workshop with Matanel Weissman and Beverly Calderon

  • 13 Jul 2023
  • 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Online via Zoom

Join us for this delectably delicious workshop where we will explore how Focusing Oriented Nutrition Skills (FONS) can offer fresh insights to fiery questions like these:

How does embracing a life thriving direction allow us to approach differently everything related to food, living, and interacting?

How can we reveal the implicit life implying in our eating, and find out how explicating it can take us toward a richer tasting life?

Come to explore with us innovative skills that evoke energy, aliveness and fundamentally carry our hunger-nutrition-process forward in refreshing ways.


Price: $45 Members, $55 Non-Members
Registration info: Contact The International Focusing Institute with any questions:
Phone: (845) 480-5111

Presented by The International Focusing Institute

Come to explore with us innovative skills that evoke energy, aliveness, and fundamentally carry our hunger-nutrition-process forward in refreshing ways. We will introduce a new direction for life that sprouts from deep implying that is already at-work in our nutrition choices, eating, and satiation-ing.

During the workshop, we will have a chance to practice new skills, such as "re-sourcing," to help get to the source of pattern creation. Another is supporting our body in a process of creating a new kind of "life-taste". Experience a different way of relating to all things nutrition, which doesn't look for what's wrong or try sugar-coating parts of the process.

This workshop melds together Thinking at the Edge (TAE) and "Focusing Attitudes" as essential ingredients for exploring food interactions while embracing a life-thriving direction.

Matanel Weissman has leveraged the power of TAE (Thinking at the edge) to accompany and learn from our experience with food, eating and relating. Through his studies to become a psychologist (children's psychologist in Israel) he has come to understand that in our western culture, we need a new way to be with ourselves, to learn from our experience with food, but also with life and with relationships. Little by little he has developed experiential-explorational means that can help anyone achieve significant life changes as he has. He is a Certified focusing professional and offers counseling to individuals and groups.

Beverly Calderon, is someone who loves food and loves working with people to find personally meaningful change related to their concerns around food and nutrition. She is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) in the USA, a certified diabetes care and education specialist (CDCES), and a national board-certified health & wellness coach (NBC-HWC). In 2016 she became a Certified Focusing Professional and Trainer. Since 2015 she has had opportunities to introduce Focusing as a nutrition counseling orientation to dietetic and wellness professionals, as well as collaborate on and present live lectures at dietetic conferences and co-author a poster presentation.

1321 Antoine Dr.
Houston, TX 77055


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