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Sacred Somatics Training

  • 15 Apr 2023
  • 16 Apr 2023
  • Nova Scotia, Canada

Sacred Somatics Training

Sacred Somatics is a modality that brings together three main aspects of Therapeutic and Somatic Practice namely: 

  • Observation: reading the body and awareness of what the client is presenting with
  • Feeling: intentional touch and therapeutic skill
  • Embodiment: grounding and ethical relationship 

Level 1 practitioner training - April 15/16th - 1pm-9pm Pacific time (9am -5pm Atlantic time) in person at Our Celtic Hearth Center, Nova Scotia, Canada


Cost $650 CAD

Accommodation extra

This 20 hour training (16 hours class time with 2 hours prep and 2 hours of follow up) brings the   integrated practice of healthcare to the forefront for hands on practitioners. There is much research that shows that a sense of well-being and proper functioning of a human is based on not only physical aspects, but also on our past life experience, traumas and emotional and attachment patterns. For Practitioners willing to expand their level of knowledge to include somatic based awareness and education as well as trauma-informed assessment and treatment plans this training will bring it all together. Practitioners will learn simple techniques that can add to your skills and also give you an ethical framework to know when to refer your client to another modality. Sacred Somatics Practitioner training embraces the way forward for integrated healthcare.

  • 20 hours instruction time
  • 2 hours reading of required material and personal reflection and preparation
  • 16 hours classroom instruction
  • 2 hours integration and submission of a personal assignment


  • Increase skill in reading the body including postural alignment, emotional holding patterns, trauma awareness and the freeze response, energetic pathways and breath
  • Gain skills in communication of our preliminary observations and creating agreements and consent with clients around treatments plans that meet the client’s stated goals. 
  • Learn touch techniques that engage the Myofascial system with awareness of barriers and blocks so that the treatment feels consensual and helpful to both the client and the therapist. 
  • Review and teach specific Myofascial techniques: vault holds, depth and directional barriers, cross hands techniques and variations and traction/ compression techniques
  • Practice grounding and centering techniques for the therapist to minimize energy depletion and burn out for the therapist when treating multiple clients per day/ week
  • Learn Self care options for therapists to maintain the practice they want and to extend their ability to continue working in the healthcare field

Benefits to Massage Therapy

  • Increased skill in intake and preliminary procedures  with clients in order to create and deliver the most efficient treatment plan for each case
  • Practice and master communication and consent conversations with clients to minimize harm or failure to meet the client’s goals in treatment 
  • Learn effective and transformational Myofascial touch techniques in order to quickly and effectively treat many aspects of pain and dysfunction 
  • Teach therapists to maintain their Self awareness and autonomy in their practice and to create Professional and ethical containers within which clients can benefit from treatment
  • Help prolong Massage Therapists’ ability to work in the field and reduce burnout and injury

Anatomy review: relevant anatomy and discussion of body structures will be included in the course. There will also be teaching around ‘Emotional Anatomy’ (Stanley Keleman) and Traumatic adaptations (‘Bend into Shape’ Vincentia Schroeter PhD and Barbara Thomson PhD)

Details and Registration


  • age - below 16 years or consent of caregiver
  • Systemic or specific CI’s for Massage or touch based therapy
  • Self reported unable to deal with emotional or physical aspects of the work 


  • License to touch for healthcare purposes
  • Self reported ability to deal with discussion around trauma, emotions, ethics and relationships and/or external professional support and resources in these areas

About the Instructor:

Ailsa Keppie, BSc (Hons), SSE, MFT, RMT
Ailsa is a trained Massage Therapist, intimacy Educator and Somatic Therapist and has been working in the field of hands on bodywork, somatic coaching and healing for over a decade. Ailsa Keppie brings aspects from her background in circus arts, physical theatre, music, dance, myofascial release, bioenergetic processes, archetypes and spirituality to her work with clients. Ailsa has really embodied her own healing journey and now brings her awareness and understanding to others. Ailsa works both online and in person and she is a member of  the following associations

Ailsa Keppie, BSc (Hons), SSE, MFT, RMT
MTANS member  in good standing - 17017
ACSB and SSEA member in good standing
WASC member in good standing
USABP Associate somatic member in good standing 


1321 Antoine Dr.
Houston, TX 77055


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