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Culture, Context, and Binds: An Interactive Conversation Toward Decolonizing

  • 2 May 2024
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Zoom


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This Spotlight Series Event is brought to you in partnership with The Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy - an official member of the USABP Educator Alliance.

Presented by Aylee Welch, 
Director, Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy.

This event will be recorded and available for members and non-members who register for this event. This course will not include CEs. 


This is not a top-down lecture; it is an invitation to come together and gently unpack and explore ingrained perspectives that cause harm to others and leave many behind; that thrive on exploitation and that force specific ways of being while denying the deeper truths of ourselves.

Topics to consider in advance of the event and for attendee discussion: 

A conversation cannot be predicted. Attendees are invited to come having reflected on the following prompts and with a willingness to share:

• What is your cultural heritage, to what degree do you identify with it, and what conflicts do you carry around it?

• What role did people of your heritage play in imperialism, colonization, domination or oppression?

• What role did/does the government of the country in which you live play in imperialism? Colonization?

• What was happening in the world (not just your surroundings) from your prenatal time through age 6? How did these events affect your country, state, neighborhood, community, family/ parents?

• How does this contribute to your perspective of and interaction with social (political) hierarchies?

Learning Objectives:

To stimulate curiosity and care while moving towards:

  • getting to know ourselves better in the context of unpacking whiteness, how and where it shows up, and it’s impact.

  • inviting steps towards equity, inclusivity, and diversity which expands beyond man-made systems and into consideration of all of creation.

General Agenda
  • Welcome
  • USABP Announcements
  • Facilitated exploration together
  • Q & A
  • Overtime discussion (after the event formally concludes)

About our presenter Aylee Welch, LICSW:

Aylee Welch is a master therapist and founder & director of Seattle School Of Body-Psychotherapy. Her teaching and supervision emphasize Core Energetics and also incorporates contemporary neurobiology and trauma theory. She feels, most recently, called to examine, learn about and breakdown systemic conditioning and pursue the need to de-center our human-ness. The invitation facilitates the possibility to develop intimate relationship with the greater Living Breathing World in which we and all beings co-exist and create together.

She started working with people 40 years ago and as a therapist and educator has worked in many settings and with a wide variety of populations. She has been committed to social work and worked with DV organizations, as a crisis responder for the Red Cross and in other organizations, and co- founded and ran a non-profit for survivors of childhood sexual abuse in 1989 for 10 years. Her private practice has a focus on combining group and individual work. In 2014 she founded Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy, a Core Energetics training program. Her unconventional life path and her experience as a community herbalist & Ceremonialist inform and enhance her work and inspires and shapes the evolution of it.


Memoirs & Novels
They are a great way to become aware of peoples experiences beyond one’s limited sphere; the presenter provides examples:

Waiting To Be Arrested At Night, by Tamir Hamut Izgil
Coleman Hill, by Kim Coleman Foote
Hula, by Jasmin Lorain Hakes
And Then He Sang A Lullaby, by Ani Kayode Somtochukwu
Aperigon, by Colum McCann

Other Recommended Books
There are numerous excellent books available that address race and systemic issues. Here are some recommendations from the presenter:
My Grandmother’s Hands, by Rema Manakim
Oppression and the Body, by Christine Caldweell & Lucia Bennett Leighton
Decolonizing Therapy, by Jennifer Mullan

The following organizations provide material to support your work. They are:
• Rooted Global Village
• Holistic Resistance's Disrupting Whiteness cohort
• IDEA's AntiRacism Cohort

Talks, Webinars and Podcasts
Here are some thought leaders to consider: Bayo Akomalafi, Akila Richards, Kai Cheng, Mimi Kashtan, and many others.

About the Spotlight Organization

Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy offers a three-year training program which can be taken for both personal transformation and professional development. The program at SSBP incorporates the work of Wilhelm Reich and Core Energetics with contemporary therapies and Earth-based practices. With the understanding that pure life force emanates from the Core of every being and always remains intact, we study how to track the blocks that obscure it over time and through the life cycle. We learn techniques to free the expansive life energy in order to use it on behalf of our deeper life path and to reconnect with our joy. The result is as spiritual as it is psychological, opening our perception and that of those with whom we work, to the greater world around us as well as to our own unique offering. Read more


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