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NeuroSystemics Monthly Dharma Gathering

  • 4 Sep 2022
  • Online

NeuroSystemics is an integrative methodology building resiliency and empowerment internally, in relationships and society. The Dharma program focuses specifically on grounding one's attention and awareness in highly regulated nervous system states, offering deep possibilities of insight and wisdom to arise.

Upcoming Gatherings

We meet on the 1st Sunday of every month @ 6-7:30pm CEST:

June 5th: "Compassion & Trauma"

July 3rd: "Cultivating Wisdom"

August 7th: "Wise Anger"

September 4th: "Soulful Activism"

October 2nd: "Embodying Relationships"

November 6th: "An Ecology of Love"

December 4th: "Somatic Imagination"

By joining this gathering you will:

6pm: Be warmly welcomed & Practicing silent meditation with guidance (30'),

or private 1:1 nervous system regulation session with a Soma*

6:30pm: Teachings combining modern neurosciences with ancient Buddhist philosophy (15')

6:50pm: Discuss your practice in small breakout groups with Somas (20')

7:10pm: Ask questions and deepen your understanding in a final plenary session (15')

7:30pm: Closing.

*You may have the opportunity to receive a 1:1 nervous system regulations session (20-minutes) with a Soma, depending on availability.

Benefits of Dharma Gatherings

Dharma gatherings a monthly opportunities to practice meditation with Buddhist teachings informed by nervous system science. This means we emphasize an environment of safety, enjoyment, and choicefulness. Practically, you will benefit from this gathering by:

- exploring what supports you feeling safe and at ease while on our zoom call

- finding ways to enjoy meditation practice, because what is easy and enjoyable is sustainable

- being choiceful about your practice - all techniques are used to serve the flourishing of your being and beauty

Soma Team

We have a wonderful team of Somatic Facilitators to co-create and hold the community space, offer 1:1 nervous system regulations sessions to participants and facilitate small group discussions. We look forward to be able to support you in your meditative journey with these expert skills of somatic science and practice!

Nervous System Regulation Sessions

When we meditate, we go through many different states. Sometimes it feels good, other times it is more challenging and feels like it's an uphill journey. Somatic psychology offers many insights in the functioning of the nervous system, and Somas are specifically trained in this field to support you deepening your meditation practice. Practically, the session unfolds as follows, you will:

- be guided in a short here-and-now orientation

- be asked to share 1 word (or a short sentence) to describe your experience

- be guided and supported to be present to your moment-to-moment meditative experience as the Soma will

- invite you in relating to your experience in helpful ways

- encourage you to deepen an already present experience of groundedness, ease or enjoyment

- offer accompaniment to increase the safety and space during more difficult experiences

We offer 20-30 minute sessions during our Dharma Gathering and Retreat events. Come and explore meditation with somatic guidance :)

1321 Antoine Dr.
Houston, TX 77055


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