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Empowering Creativity Through Movement/Dance & Life/Art Metaphors with Daria Halprin

  • 8 Aug 2022
  • Esalen Institute

Daria Halprin’s approach to integrative movement will take participants on a unique journey into the sensing, feeling, and imagining body.

Presented by Esalen Institute

August 8-12, 2022

This is an IN PERSON workshop

In Person Workshop at ESALEN INSTITUTE: Empowering Creativity Through Movement/Dance & Life/Art Metaphors with Daria Halprin

August 8-12, 2022 at ESALEN INSTITUTE.

Throughout modern times, movement, dance, and the expressive arts have provided individuals and communities with a means of soulful expression, healing, and connection with spirit. This workshop generates opportunities for participants to find such meaning, and become connected with the real issues in their lives. Daria Halprin’s approach to integrative movement will take participants on a unique journey into the sensing, feeling, and imagining body.

The Life/Art Process®, developed by Anna Halprin and Daria Halprin, bridges body awareness, art expression, and psychological processes. Experiencing the Process provides people with an opportunity to understand dance and the expressive arts as a way of learning, healing, expanding creativity, and developing new strategies for personal and professional life.

Each day of the workshop will include somatic awareness practices, individual and group movement and dance, drawing, poetic narrative, improvisation, and life/art reflections. Supported by the immersive Esalen experience, the beauty of the natural environment, and the amazing beats of the musicians, we will delve into themes that matter, explore deeply, play wildly, renew, inspire, envision, and catalyze new resources to bring back into personal and professional life.

Live music with special guest artists support the daily work. They will also be featured in an evening dance jam as well as the Planetary Dance — a community ritual that has been performed in over 40 countries since 1975.

Pioneers in their respective fields, the Halprins worked with Fritz Perls, Ida Rolf, Will Schutz, and others in the early years at Esalen. Their work has been a pivotal part of the groundbreaking human potential, postmodern dance, and healing arts movements since the 1960s.

The workshop is designed for everyone, with no previous experience in dance/art needed. For further information on the work please visit and see Tamalpa Media.

Materials: bring a box of cray-pas oil pastels and a writing notebook.

Recommended reading: The Expressive Body in Life, Art & Therapy by Daria Halprin; Dances That Matter, Anna Halprin with Rachel Kaplan.

Daria Halprin, MA, REAT, RSMT:

With her mother Anna Halprin, she first came to Esalen to work with Fritz Perls in the 1960s and returned as a workshop leader in 1975. The Halprin work was innovative in situating movement/dance and expressive arts as an approach to healing for individuals and communities.

Daria co-founded Tamalpa Institute where she directs training programs The Life/Art Process®. She has served on faculty at European Graduate School (Switzerland, Malta), CIIS, JFK, Alanus University, and UC Berkeley, as a keynote presenter at numerous conferences, in educational, health, and art centers throughout the world.

Published writings include Principles and Practices in Expressive Arts Therapy (1999), The Expressive Body in Life, Art and Therapy (2003); Dance, Somatics and Spirituality, (2014).

To register and for more information visit the ESALEN website:

1321 Antoine Dr.
Houston, TX 77055


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