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USABP Presents - Mapping Body, Energy and Consciousness through Aging, Dying and Grief

  • 14 Jul 2022
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Zoom


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Presented by:

Jeanne Denney, MA

Transpersonal and Somatic Psychotherapist

Educator and Hospice Worker
Founder of the School of Unusual Life Learning (SoULL).

This event will be recorded and available for members and non-members who register for this event. This course will not include CEs.


Aging, Dying and Grief are profound and essential somatic processes. They unfold in every client and in every therapist's practice. They are at work in the bodies and psyches of therapists too. But what are they? How do we work with them? And what helps? In this workshop we will explore these questions as Jeanne offers a map for working with energy and the body through these profound, natural changes.

In fact, to be of true help, we must explore our own attitudes toward aging, dying and grief too, because they exert a profound effect on our clients. When we begin our work and find a map, we radically reduce our existential anxiety and discover many more possibilities for helping others.

Jeanne will present some theory, offer you examples of her work with clients, and a few tools for your work. This will help you and your clients find greater curiosity, connection and vitality.

Learning Objectives

Attendees will:

  • Review Body Psychotherapy history around aging and dying (Freud, Reich, Lowen and Keleman).
  • Assess attendee's own attitudes toward death and aging, and where they came from.
  • Learn a map of body, energy and consciousness through the lifespan that includes aging and dying as natural, normal and appropriate.
  • Identify several basic movement patterns in the life force.
  • Learn at least three ways to help clients move through anxiety and back into the flow of life.


Kessler, S. (2015). The 5 Personality Patterns: Your guide to understanding yourself and others and developing emotional maturity.

Klass, D., Silverman, P.,Nickman,S. (1996). Continuing Bonds: New understandings of grief. Taylor & Francis

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O’Neil, G. And O’Neil G. (1990). The Human Life. Mercury Press.

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About the Presenter

Jeanne Denney is a transpersonal and somatic psychotherapist, educator, hospice worker, healer, and author of The Effects of Compassionate Presence on the Dying. Se is the founding director of SoULL (The School of Unusual Life Learning), and works in many venues to help people fearlessly embrace a life which includes aging and dying.

Jeanne has spent years at bedsides and as a mother, has contributed pioneering ideas to somatic psychology, death and grief work, and been deeply involved with creating the Art of Dying projects in New York City. Her insights on energy and the body through aging, illness, and dying are derived from a wide lens of human experience and deep understanding of our mortal journey.

The School of Unusual Life Learning, (SoULL) is a school for personal transformation and professional development for adults. We teach natural wisdom, somatic awareness with a whole human life perspective in small, highly experiential programs lasting from 3 hours to 3 years. The programs are for anyone called. Most students are helping professionals, healers of one kind or another, spiritual seekers, creatives, or just ordinary mortals with existential questions.


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We look forward to seeing you at this premiere event.

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Houston, TX 77055


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