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The Global Energy, Love and Consciousness Training of CORE EVOLUTION

  • 29 Jan 2022
  • zoom

Embodiment-Focused • Trauma-Informed • Mindfulness-Centered

Core Evolution explores and works with:

  • The physical body – its structure, and the dynamic expression through movement;
  • Emotions and Feelings – how we process our inner and outer impulses;
  • The Mind – in understanding, knowing, being aware and structuring our thinking;
  • The Will – the faculty that gives direction to our energy;
  • Mindfulness, Awareness and the Practice in Being;
  • Embodied Consciousness and Global Awareness

Core Evolution teaches many therapeutic tools for transformation to:

  • Find the inner ground of knowing yourself;
  • Relate to others from your true self;
  • Safely move patterns of protective withholding into enriching creativity;
  • Explore, understand and if needed restructure the many aspects of Self;
  • Integrate Traumatic experiences;
  • Embody your spiritual nature;
  • Center in Self-Empowerment and Mindful Presence.

Directors of Training: Siegmar Gerken, Ph.D., ECP, HP & Cornelia Gerken CMP, ECP, HP - 

We are pioneers and leaders in the field of Humanistic, Somatic, Positive and Transpersonal Psychology.


Comprehend the principles and apply the energetic understanding of an Embodiment-Focused, Trauma-Informed and Mindfulness-Centered Approach.

In this Training Part 1, participants are invited to review their current life situation and explore their state of being in relation to their existential process of:

Intention ––> Manifestation ––> Life-Processes ––> Self-Realization

Therefore, this unit has a strong focus on the practice and application of:

The Principles of Mindfulness

Learn it’s values and special considerations in it’s application in your personal and professional life.

The Matrix of GroundingTM and the Strengthening of Coherence

This unique concept in Core Evolution allows you to:

  • sustain your coherent energy;
  • strengthen your life-force and health;
  • direct your intention and focus towards Self-Realization.

The Pulsation of Life and the Unfolding of Love, Energy and Consciousness

Energy, Love and Consciousness are Fields of Life that we all are part of.

Every moment and every event in your life takes place in these dimensions:

  • from forming your intention;
  • to your biological manifestation;
  • to your personal development with all your experiences in life;
  • from flow, beauty and bliss;
  • to any kind of traumatic events, whether they are individual, family-related, generational or collective.

Read more:

Initiating the Healing of the Body-Mind Field* and move Energy and Consciousness to new dimensions.

Find out and recognize how you limit your potential and learn proven tools.

* Present science confirms subtle teachings that we live in fields of energy. Therefore, whenever we talk about the body in Core Evolution, we refer to and address the whole Body-Mind Field. We have done our own research in Infrared Analysis and Bio-Photon Measurement to document bio-psycho-emotional states in the Body-Mind Field of a person, which opened new horizons to scientists and practitioners. 

Embodied Consciousness, Mindful Presence and Global Awareness

Master the art of Mindful Presence / Presencing, which allows you to:

  • practice Global Awareness and meet global events with an open attitude, knowledge and supportive skills;
  • navigate the challenges and opportunities of our times and build partnerships in an effort to solve global issues for the greater good.

Core Evolution facilitates Embodied Consciousness, with which we participate and interact in life, the world and the universe in and around us.

Understand and overcome personal, generational, collective and karmic restrictions

Align your intention with the Will of Your HeartTM to activate changes, and work towards the well-being of all sentient beings.

Inner peace begets world peace - and a peaceful world furthers inner peace

Dates for the Global Core Evolution Training Part 1:

January    29 + 30, 2022;     Online

February  19 + 20, 2022;     Online

March        12 + 13, 2022       Online

Times: 5 pm - 8:45 pm Central European Time / Frankfurt 

  • New York 11 am - 2:45 pm San Francisco 8 - 11:45 am<me-zone-converter


Euro 325.- early enrollment until December 31, 2021, afterwards Euro 375.-

US $ 345.- early enrollment until December 31, 2021, afterwards US $ 395.-

Teaching: 21 full hours of teaching time

* Certification is in: CORE EVOLUTION -

Embodiment-Focused, Trauma-Informed and Mindfulness-Centered Therapy and Consul<ng


Yes, I would like to enroll in the Global Core Evolution Training Part 1:

Yes, send me the 18 page Curriculum for the full 4 Part Training 2022 - 2024

1321 Antoine Dr.
Houston, TX 77055


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