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Integrating Yoga with Polyvagal Therapy: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals, Yoga Therapists, and Teachers.

  • 30 Nov 2021
  • zoom

Integrating Yoga with Polyvagal Therapy: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals, Yoga Therapists, and Teachers.

A CE Course. SUMMARY: This CE course provides mental health and yoga therapy professionals with a clinical foundation for using trauma-sensitive yoga, integrated with polyvagal theory, to improve therapy outcomes for individuals with symptoms of psychological trauma, anxiety and depression. The trainings include the study of both polyvagal theory and trauma-sensitive yoga interventions, such as chair postures, breathing practices, and relaxation techniques (yoga nidra and meditation). The material will be taught through lecture, case discussions, experiential exercises, and hands-on practicums.

The methods presented in this training CAN BE USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH ANY TREATMENT APPROACH. NO PRIOR YOGA EXPERIENCE REQUIRED (though it is helpful!) Certification program also available. COURSE OUTLINE: You will gain an understanding of: A. The Physical Manifestations of Emotional Trauma: The Physiology of the Autonomic Nervous System. B. The role of Polyvagal Theory in Emotional and Physiological Healing. C. The use of nervous System-Informed, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (NITYA) basics, including postures, breathing, relaxation; in regulating the autonomic nervous system. D. The physiology of the Defense Cascade, which describes the sequence of nervous system states present in trauma resolution. E. Bringing Polyvagal Theory and NITYA into the Clinical Session Plus experience a practicum, with a partner, where you practice teaching the techniques, from the scripts. Based on Joann's book, "Trauma Healing in the Yoga Zone," 2021, Handspring Publishers. Course starting soon. Please email for course starting dates and times.

23 CEs will be available to Yoga Therapists, Internationally; U.S. Psychologists, Social Workers, Certified Professional Counselors (pending), and Health and Wellness Coaches Nationally, and in California, to LCSW, LPCC, LEP, LMFT practitioners, and Licensed Nurses.

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