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A Multidimensional Approach to Trauma: Body, Mind and Spirit Alignment and Why it Matters

  • 9 Oct 2021
  • Online

Presenters: Judy Choix, LMHC and Matthew Whaley, LCSW

The body, mind, and psyche have a natural hierarchy that, when aligned, naturally orients the system toward health. When this happens, we are able to regulate and experience connection, support, and "flow" in daily life. We suffer and have a crisis in life not because we are broken, but because we are out of alignment and/or disconnected somewhere in this multi-dimensional field.

Through a Gestalt lens, using field theory and neuroscience, this workshop proposes a multi-dimensional diagnostic model for identifying what trauma looks like in a client's body, mind, and psyche, and offers concrete methods of treatment to restore vitality and wholeness.  For a more detailed, day-by-day description of this course, click here.


  1. Define and identify different types of trauma and its prevalence in society.
  2. Understand the biology of dysregulation in a client’s autonomic nervous system caused by trauma and learn methods to repair and stabilize.
  3.  Know the importance of the limbic system and emotions and learn how to work with emotions to reverse the physiological imprint of trauma.
  4. Learn your attachment tendency and the importance of the latest science on attachment in healing relational trauma.
  5. Define memory and the role it plays in the addressing, healing and integrating misalignment resulting from trauma.
  6. Understand how trauma is a form of dissociation and learn to work with the fragmented parts that keep clients stuck in the past
  7. Learn the science behind Post-traumatic Growth and the use of positive affect.

5 Saturdays:  October 9, 2021, November 6, 2021, December 4, 2021, January 8, 2022, February 5, 2022

Times: 10am-6pm (with 1-hour break)


1321 Antoine Dr.
Houston, TX 77055


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