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Advanced and Certification Weeklong 2021: Focusing Institute

  • 19 Jul 2021
  • zoom

Advanced and Certification Weeklong 2021: Crossing and Belonging

The Weeklong is the flagship event of The International Focusing Institute, begun in 1979. It is intended for all those who are advanced in their practice of Focusing. It is a warm and intimate event, and features a certification ceremony.

This year, we encourage attendees (if it is feasible) to find a place to be away from home while attending the Weeklong online. If possible, arrange to be somewhere with great internet service which will allow you to be away from your everyday life, in order to have a retreat during the week.

In the early days, anyone who wanted to become certified by the Institute was required to attend a Weeklong. Now, the Weeklong is still a celebration of our international certification, but it is so much more.

At the Weeklong, you are invited to connect or re-connect with our diverse international community. It is a rare opportunity to be with an intimate group of advanced practitioners, to learn from one another and to share your wisdom.

The Weeklong can reinvigorate or launch your work, and strengthen the foundation of your life-long participation in our global Focusing community. It is led by a Facilitation Team of Coordinators from different countries and backgrounds. They are supported by several Collaborating Coordinators, and together this team creates an event rich with learning and sharing.

At the Weeklong, you will deepen or learn new skills, connect with others through common interests, experience a variety of cultural perspectives, and build upon the legacy of Focusing and The International Focusing Institute. There are also ample opportunities to share your skills and your particular Focusing approach.

At the Weeklong, you will gain:

- A deeper understanding of your special place in the ongoing evolution of Focusing and the worldwide Focusing community;

- Deep and life-long connections to Focusers from around the world who share your passion and interests and can offer you continuing support and contact as you take your next steps;

- Practical skills to help you to deepen your Focusing practice, professionally and personally;

- A new or renewed sense of clarity and confidence about how you can offer your own gift of Focusing freshly to the world.

- At past Weeklongs, people found they were able to more deeply discover themselves, their gifts, and their aliveness through the experience of deep connection in a profoundly accepting and supportive community — a community that has continued long after the week was completed. The Focusing Weeklong is not just about deepening our understanding and practice of Focusing, but deepening our understanding of ourselves and what we bring to the global community.

July 19 - 24, 2021 (Online)

Presented by The International Focusing Institute - Beatrice Blake, Tom Larkin and Dan Schachter

Beatrice Blake, New Hampshire, US. Focusing coordinator. Beatrice gives online classes, in English and Spanish, in Focusing, Thinking at the Edge, Nonviolent Communication for Focusers, and Trainer Certification.

Tom Larkin, Dublin, Ireland. Tom is a psychotherapist in private practice in Dublin. He is a Certifying Focusing Coordinator, a Children Focusing trainer and a Forest Therapy Guide.

Dan Schachter, Tel Aviv, Israel. Focusing coordinator, Focusing Oriented Therapist, and clinical psychologist in private practice. Dan teaches Focusing, TAE (Thinking at the Edge) and the philosophy of the implicit, and he is a member of the TIFI Focusing Weeklong Core Team.

You must be a member of the Institute to attend. If you are not a member please join before registering.

Early Registration Tuition $500 (before July 1)

Regular Registration Tuition $550 (July 1- July 19)

Registration closes July 19, 2021

Registration info: Contact The International Focusing Institute with any questions: Phone: (845) 480-5111 Email:


1321 Antoine Dr.
Houston, TX 77055


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