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Core Energetics Virtual Primer

  • 15 May 2021
  • zoom

Core Energetics Taster Course

This highly experiential virtual program will provide opportunities for deep exploration of key foundational Core Energetics concepts and their personal application to the process of manifesting wholeness and will support you in being your best self.

Presented by The Institute of Core Energetics Executive Director, Kate Holt RN, ACCEP, CTP

MULTI - MODULE EVENT: May 15, 2021 - Sep 12, 2021

Module 1 Start Date - May 15, 2021 - May 16, 2021

Module 2 Start Date - Jun 26, 2021 - Jun 27, 2021

Module 3 Start Date - Jul 24, 2021 - Jul 25, 2021

Module 4 Start Date - Aug 21, 2021 - Aug 22, 2021

Module 5 Start Date Sep 11, 2021 - Sep 12, 2021


Who's it for? People who are working with a Core Energetics Practitioner and want to deepen their understanding of the process. People who want an immersive experience to help them discern if the Core Energetics Practitioner training is right for them. People who've attended an introductory retreat and want to continue the journey. Alumni who want a refresher of foundational concepts. Those who want to learn key concepts that are foundational to Core Energetics so you can have greater authenticity and effectiveness in your life. You will: Enhance your self-awareness, including the connection among body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Expand your comfort, competence, and confidence with attuning to energy; your own and that of others. Access your innate core strengths, gifts, and spiritual nature. Have opportunities to explore your own concerns using the Core Energetics Process.

Topics covered: Building a Brave Space Understanding and Honoring Personal Resistance Grounding on five levels of being Core Energetics Personality Theory Idealized Self-Image and Perfectionism Understanding Images (Limiting beliefs) Character Structures and Defensive Patterns Body Consciousness

Presenter Bio

Facilitator: Kate Holt, RN, ACCEP, CTP is the Executive Director of the Institute of Core Energetics and teaches Core Energetics internationally. She has a private practice, working with individuals, couples, and groups. Kate provides supervision and consultations for practitioners and leaders. Kate has a deep love for the work of Core Energetics and its ripple effect in the world.


Zoom Video Conference

COST: $997.00

Please apply on our website. Link Below.

REGISTER HERE!event/2021/5/15/core-energetics-primerfive-month-programstarting-may-15-2021with-executive-director-kate-holt

1321 Antoine Dr.
Houston, TX 77055


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