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Pilgrim SoULL - School of Unusual Life Learning

  • 14 May 2021
  • Racine, WI

Pilgrim SoULL

School of Unusual Life Learning


Pilgrim SoULL is a pioneering somatic education program designed for both personal transformation and professional development. SoULL students gain a very unique understanding of how body, psyche and relationships transform from birth to death which helps them be more vital and present to life. This six month program is especially powerful for those that support others through physical, emotional and spiritual change. Registration is now open, program begins May 14.  

Presented by Jeanne Denney


May 14, 2021


Oct 18, 2021

3 Modules

Module 1 Start Date

May 14, 2021

Module 1 End Date

May 31, 2021

Module 2 Start Date

Aug 06, 2021

Module 2 End Date

Aug 09, 2021

Module 3 Start Date

Oct 15, 2021

Module 3 End Date

Oct 18, 2021


SoULL (School of Unusual Life Learning) is a multi-level somatically focused program about human life which helps you take your own life and work to a new level of depth and presence. SoULL’s primary task is to connect human helpers, healers and creatives with wisdom teachings sourced from the natural world so that they first recognize themselves and others as natural and find radical applications of this awareness. 

SoULL presently has 2 years, the first being Pilgrim SoULL which is a 6-month program consisting of 3 units. The units are as follows:

Unit 1: The Nature of Being Human

May 14, 2021 - May 31, 2021

During the two weekends, Jeanne will introduce a language of human life itself, integrating the processes of aging and dying into an overview of human development. Through direct teaching and experiences, students will learn to see spiritual, energetic and somatic experience as deeply, inevitably connected, and discover the continuity of life (or “Life Movement”) within the body and psyche. They will learn to recognize patterns within this movement, which include the Vertical Pulse, the Allometric Wave, the Circular Pulse and the Radial Pulse. Students will link these insights to existing developmental theories within somatic psychology, especially Neo-Reichian theories. This unit will be in online format.

Unit 2: The Nature of Relationship

Aug 6, 2021 - Aug 9, 2021

Relationships are essential for human survival.  But what are they?  In this unit we take up this question, seeing relationships as living energetic systems that grow, breathe and change. We examine how they develop, get ill, heal, inevitably end and also live forever. The inevitable experience of grief will be explored, as well as attachment, breakups, and the components of good and bad endings. In this weekend, we study the Horizontal Pulse, the Vertical Pulse, and the Dual Pulse, patterns of natural life movement within a relationship. In sum, we will be studying the energetics of human relationship and how they effect our bodies. This weekend will be in-person at the DeKoven Center in Racine, WI.

Unit 3: The Nature of Community

Oct 15, 2021 - Oct 18, 2021

In the final unit of Pilgrim SoULL, students put learning about individuals and relationships together to explore larger systems of energy: families, groups and communities. We will look at common group energy forms, the leadership of these forms, as well as group identity and conflict, individual roles within groups and ultimately the role of communities in our understanding of life purpose. Finally, students look at how communities impact both individual development and relationship processes, and elements of wise and sustainable communities.

Unit 1 may be taken as a standalone unit. Students must fill out an application to be considered for the full program. 

Presenter Bio

Jeanne is a transpersonal and somatic psychotherapist, educator, a hospice worker, healer, author of The Effects of Compassionate Presence on the Dying, and founder of the School of Unusual Life Learning (SoULL). Since leaving an engineering career 17 years ago, Jeanne has worked in many venues to help people fearlessly embrace a life which includes aging, dying and nature. This has involved years at bedsides with the elderly and children, in study and research, in contributing pioneering ideas to somatic psychology, in death and grief work, teaching, and years helping create and facilitate the Art of Dying projects in New York City.  


Racine, WI


Early registration: $2,800 Regular pricing: $3,100


Earlybird registration is April 14. Questions? Schedule a free conversation about the program with Jeanne, email


1321 Antoine Dr.
Houston, TX 77055


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