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The Landscape of Trauma

  • 1 Nov 2020
  • Online

Experiential online workshop offering a foundational perspective in trauma through the lens of embodiment


The Landscape of Trauma (LOT) is an experiential online workshop with Sandrine Harris (SEP, GCFP, Meditation Facilitator). LOT explores foundational somatic perspectives for experiencing embodiment and its qualities as tools for understanding and working with trauma. This is a dynamic dialogue where practitioners gather to expand growth edges, and share in a supportive community so that we can connect from a place of deepened presence, regulation and embodiment.


Presented by:
Sandrine Harris, SEP (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner), GCFP (Feldenkrais Practitioner), Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator, Dancer and Somatics Teacher. 


The Landscape of Trauma (LOT) is an experiential online workshop with Sandrine Harris, offered on Nov 1st 2020. LOT explores foundational somatic perspectives for experiencing embodiment and inviting the qualities of embodiment into our tools for understanding and working with trauma. 

How do you include your lived experience and the felt sense, as you process the waves of trauma's effects? And how can you meet the folx you connect with from a place of deepened embodiment, presence and regulation? What is your growing edge in this moment of your practice, in terms of embodiment?

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1st @ 10am - 1pm eastern time

(including a 20min lunch break)

*virtual, online

Exchange: $85 early bird registration till October 26th (then $100, to register through October 31st)

**ZOOM link is sent via email on Oct 31st, following registration

During this workshop, you will be invited into a mix of gentle explorations in mindfulness and somatic inquiry, foundational learning, breakout groups to explore guided pathways, and a group-wide discussion period. This is a dynamic conversation in how we can support each other in creating more spaces for embodiment, invitational language, regulation, and deep learning, as practitioners working within diverse communities. 

Who is this for?

This workshop is for movement facilitators, somatic practitioners, medical & mental health professionals, massage therapists and allied bodywork professionals, and educators in school systems and non-profits are also welcome. This is also a wonderful refresher workshop for those seeking a community of practitioners to share experiences and learn with.

What you will need to join us:

- A steady internet connection to join via video (ZOOM)

- This workshop is presented in English

- Please wear comfortable clothing suitable for a 3-hr experience that includes gentle movement and periods of sitting and standing

- Please have a pad&pen handy for notes

- No readings or other preparation is needed to attend

Please feel free to contact Sandrine with any questions:

Presenter Bio:

Sandrine Harris is a somatic practitioner and educator working at the intersection of somatics and embodiment, healing trauma, and trauma-sensitive mindfulness. She is a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP), Feldenkrais® Practitioner (GCFP), Mindfulness Meditation facilitator and co-author of the Mindfulness Facilitator Certification (MFC), a radically-inclusive secular training via the Copper Beech Institute. She is a former professional dancer and trauma survivor who has been steeped in body-focused practices for several decades and is trained in a range of movement modalities including several forms of dance, internal martial arts, and somatic practices connecting with the natural world. She has offered embodied learning experiences with organizations including Grace Farms Foundation, Sandy Hook Promise, Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) Berkshires, Westchester Institute for Human Development, and the McCall Center for Behavioral Health. With a vested interest in working in outreach with historically marginalized and disenfranchised communities, Sandrine has been facilitating in safe houses for survivors of sexual trafficking, recovery centers, women's shelters, and mental health facilities since 2016. She also regularly co-presents with clinical psychologist, Dr Vamsi Koneru, on the topic of trauma, embodiment and healing.  Sandrine holds a keen interest in how curiosity, playfulness, healing and embodiment can be woven together into experiences of vitality, resilience and connection. Offering retreats, educational and experiential programs, hands-on bodywork, and classes, Sandrine founded her practice, KINESOMA, in 2008. She is based in western MA and has been practicing internationally since 2011.


ZOOM (link sent on Oct 31st, via email, following registration)


$85 (Early Bird, by Oct 26th); $100 regular


Register by October 31, 2020 (via the link below). Please contact Sandrine with any questions:



No CEUs are available for this experiential workshop

1321 Antoine Dr.
Houston, TX 77055


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