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WEBINAR: One Hour Miracles – Live Demonstration. Healing Trauma without Re-traumatizing: A New Way of Understanding, Integrating and Applying Mindfulness and Somatics

  • 4 Jun 2020
  • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Zoom


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USABP Spotlight Webinar Series brings you a presentation from The Life Centered Therapy Training Institute founder Dr. Andrew Hahn. 

2 CEUs Available Live and as a Course. This live event is recorded for viewing later.

There will be a one hour of demonstration of the work with full community participation. See details below.*

If you'd like to be a participant in the experiential process section of this program please email,* 

Dr. Hahn asserts we can change the past because it is living in the present. What we have to do is master in the present what couldn’t be handled and integrated in the past.

So what creates healing? When there is something that can’t be handled, in that moment an uncomfortable Sensation is born. If we can choose to bring all of our awareness and focus all our attention and become the sensation from the inside out, then we are aligning with Life and the Witness, and we can choose to be the One who is bringing awareness to, holding, hosting, and re-membering the stuck energy as it reveals itself to us as physical discomfort. We then go from being the one who is identified with the one who is traumatized to the One who is remembering that one. As soon as we do that, we become free of the past.

*Live Demonstration ... Experiential Overview

Andy will be doing a demonstration of the work as part of the webinar. He will do a session with one of the participants.

All the participant has to do is be willing to have their work be witnessed by everyone in the group. All members of webinar also will be participating in the work and potentially doing their own work.

Andy has done many live demonstrations at conferences all over the world. No demonstration subject has ever asked to stop the work and, if the demonstration subject wishes to stop the work, they get to decide.

Andy will invite the person who is working to just share what they would most desire to get from the session if they could have anything they intend, even if they weren't sure it was possible. He will then take them on a journey to where their blocked intention originated and have the participant transform it at root cause.

Dr. Hahn maintains a private practice in Waltham MA and trains mental health professionals in mind-body and psychospiritual approaches to healing trauma.

Learn more about Andy's experience here.

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 Main Points of Workshop

  • How to do trauma therapy without every re-traumatizing our clients!
  • Why regression therapy is NOT regression and why this is so important.
  • Why there is no such thing as resistance, only reliving. When we bring awareness to what we are re-living we go from identifying with the one who is traumatized to identifying with the One who is re-membering them.
  • Everything the client does or says is part of the therapeutic process, literal, a re-living of a trauma and not a commentary on the therapy in the Here and Now.
  • Every client, without exception, can experience the body and be in their body. You only need to know how to do it.
  • Learn a new way of understanding the theory behind trauma therapy and the profound implications and applications for a work that can be immediately integrated into our practice.

Our work as therapists is to discover:

  • What the true underlying blocked intention is and not necessarily just focus on the symptoms that are manifesting in the client’s life. The symptoms often are clues to the underlying intention
  • What the root cause of the trauma is.
  • What is required for healing if awareness and sharing the traumatic story is necessary and not sufficient.


Introduction and Presenter Interview about their journey and vision for our field - 10 minutes.

A Talk about the nature of Life, and its implications and applications for trauma therapy. 30 minutes

A demonstration of the work with full community participation. 1 Hour

Q and A and Conversation. 20 minutes

Learning Objectives. Participants will learn:

  • A new way of understanding the theory behind trauma therapy and the profound implications and applications for a work that can be immediately integrated into our practice.
  • A method to heal trauma efficiently, effectively, and elegantly without re-traumatizing the client and without the need for slowly titrating the therapeutic process
  • How to have clients experience their body and be in their body-even if on the surface they see to be dissociated or “out of their body”
  • How to use the content the client brings to the session that they may think is a commentary on their therapeutic process, as a window into what they are unconsciously reliving and rapidly accelerate their healing and growth
  • How to work with clients who say they have difficulty being in their body because they are feeling numbness, “nothing” in the body, or feelings of emptiness. Hint, the key is paradoxical; those feelings that the client attributes as being blocks to sensing their body actually ARE body sensations created from trauma and the key to their healing

Learn more about the Life Center Therapy Institute

Presenter Profile and Bio:

Licensed Psychologist, Massachusetts NPI #: 167-962-0389

License, Massachusetts Psychologist, 1987. Hahnemann University, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, 1985. Harvard College, B.A., Magna Cum Laude, Social Studies/Psychology, 1979.

Andrew Hahn, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist. He received his A.B. Magna Cum Laude in Social Studies/Psychology from Harvard University and his Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Hahnemann University. He is certified by Helen Palmer to teach the Enneagram and has also been a faculty member in the graduate Counselling Programs at Lesley University and Northeastern University.

While Dr. Hahn’s strong foundation and significant experience in traditional psychology has served his clients well, he has been untiring in his effort to better understand what is going on for people so that he could better help them live more contented and healthier lives. This calling for greater understanding, as well as certain experiences which he could not fully comprehend within the confines of traditional Western paradigms, led him on a search for answers that opened him to the worlds of Buddhist and Eastern Psychology; Mystery Trainings; and Depth, Archetypal and Spiritual Psychology.

In 1997, after several years of witnessing the power of the work, Dr. Hahn developed the Life Centered Therapy Training program for those who want to facilitate and/or teach this process. Today, Dr. Hahn has a private practice in Waltham, MA; speaks, teaches and leads trainings and healing groups internationally; and continues his effort to better understand what is going on for people so that he can better help them live more contented and healthier lives.


  2. Haich, E. (2000). Initiation. Santa Fe, NM: Aurora Press.
  3. Palmer, H. (2011). The Enneagram. San Francisco: HarperCollins.
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  5. Kolk, Bessel Van der, Dr. The body keeps the score: brain, mind, and body in the healing of trauma. NY, NY: Penguin Books, 2015.

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