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Wholebody Focusing Energy Work: Recovering Spirit - Embodying Our True Nature

  • 16 May 2020
  • Online

This class will expand on Glenn's Focusing Highlight webinar May 2, 2020, for those who wish to continue working with the guided process in a small group meeting format. Participants will be able to see the teacher and fellow participants. Class size is limited.

Presented by: Glenn Fleisch


Saturday, May 16, 2020 from 2:00 pm To 4:00 pm Eastern Time

An online, interactive workshop facilitated by Glenn Fleisch.

Because of the interactive nature of this workshop, registrants should plan to attend live. Class size is limited.

The current crisis is an enormous challenge both for ourselves as individuals, as well as for our families, and communities. In addition to our natural concerns about health, survival, finances, etc. there is perhaps an even deeper challenge. When our daily lives (routines, habits, patterns, ways of being, socializing) are disrupted, it invites an opening to not just “cope,” but to grow, to transform, to live more in alignment with what really matters.

In this workshop, Glenn will show how the very destabilizing and disrupting force of the crisis can initiate a process of deep self-exploration. We will experience a guided Wholebody Focusing (WBF) process that can awaken the inner alchemy of embodied transformation- leading toward finding and taking a new embodied stance on our being and relating. This simple 3 phase process of wholebody awareness involves: 1. drawing in our body’s life-energy, 2. holding this energy within the body’s container, inviting the energy to grow, expand, realign in accord with our deeper nature, and 3. bringing forth and letting flow outward the transmuted energy, to open to new ways of bodying forth our being.

The main focus of the workshop will be a guided group WBF experience- as well as an opportunity to share what emerges. If time permits, we may also do break-outs where we can hold space for each other in exploring this WBF process. The dynamic of awakening and gathering our energy, of channeling this natal spirit into new embodied stances- can have profound benefits for our own well-being, as well as for how we can be with and respond to others with deep caring.

This class is best suited for those with some experience with Focusing, though all are welcome. Class size will be limited. Because of the intimate, interactive nature of this workshop, registrants should plan to attend live. A recording of the class will be provided to all registrants.

Presenter Bio:

Glenn Fleisch, Ph.D., has been involved with the Focusing community for 25 years. He is a Certified Trainer and Coordinator, as well as a licensed psychotherapist, specializing in Wholebody Focusing-oriented therapy for healing trauma and depressive states. In addition to his clinical work, Glenn enjoys teaching as well as facilitating classes, workshops and retreats, which he has done worldwide. He also loves writing, has written many articles, chapters and is currently working on a book project. His main interest and passion is to transform Focusing into an experiential process of bodying, to waken and restore connection with our embodied spirit (the energy and life-force of natal self, our true nature).


COST: Member Price: $40 Non-member Price: $50

REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS: Contact The International Focusing Institute with any questions: Phone: (845) 480-5111 Email:


Organization Name: The International Focusing Institute

1321 Antoine Dr.
Houston, TX 77055


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