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WEBINAR. From Trauma to Dharma. A Hakomi Approach to Soma-Spiritual Trauma Resolution

  • 23 Apr 2020
  • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Zoom


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A USABP Spotlight Webinar Series in Association with the Hakomi Institute...

Presented by Manuela Mischke-Reeds

Attend Live to get 2 CEUs.
View the recording later and take a quiz to get the 2 CEUs. 

Participants will learn:
•   Practice the Backbody techniques for Therapist stress regulations
•    Recognize Trauma sensitive Mindfulness and somatic practices to keep calm and emotionally grounded in difficult work situations
•     Apply the concept of “Sitting in one’s seat” in the therapeutic relationship.
•     View trauma as an interconnected phenomena

Main Points of Workshop
1.    Trauma healing is not just individual but collective
2.    The trauma therapist of this time and the future needs to train in a multimode approach and collective thinking
3.    Somatic practices are essential for both therapist and client
4.    T2D is an integrative approach to trauma healing
5.    Collective trauma invites collective healing

Workshop Description

“There is no such thing as an isolated trauma, trauma effects all of us. It impacts all relations to self and others and our bodies.”

Working with our own trauma as well as treating trauma clients is a challenge. Especially in this time where we experience collective trauma we can are also challenged to discover the collective healing potential.

The complexity of trauma symptoms coupled with systemic, collective and intergenerational traumas requires a multi-layered approach to understanding and treating trauma successfully. Trauma is interconnected, rooted in psychobiological changes and has lasting impact on the body’s health and mental well-being. The body has memories of trauma that can only be understood through the language of the soma itself. We can learn to be savvy to understand the silent language of the body to comprehend what the trauma experience is as well as accessing our innate healing capacity.

Trauma is not an isolated phenomena of the individual. The systemic, historic and repetitive traumas create psycho-physiological effects on the individual, family and community. Trauma experiences that are not healed become “contagions” for any caretaker. This often is not recognized and can result in lower job satisfaction, emotional burnout and compassion fatigue and somatic symptoms.

From Trauma to Dharma (T2D) is a integrative and unique approach: it integrates somatic trauma therapy techniques, psychobiological models of trauma in the body, ancient wisdom from Buddhist psychology and the cultivation of the inner development of the trauma therapist.

T2D is deeply rooted in the individual somatic and mindfulness self-practice to benefit the collective healing.


Attach a detailed description of what you will do during the time allotted. 

Please indicate time for all segments,

-Welcome, Event Housekeeping, USABP Messaging, Onboarding Attendees, Poll (5min)
-Introduce Topic and Speaker (Welcome presenter to the screen) (2min)
-Short Interview with Presenter - talking about their inspirations and visions for our field (8min)
-The Presentation – may or may not include taking questions (90min)
-(Talking points)

1. Overview of the Trauma to Dharma approach and influences(:5)
2. Fluidity Principle and view of the T2D(:10)
3. The seat of the therapist - how to stay grounded while on the job(:15)
4a. Short Client Case discussion(:10)
4b. Trauma healing that engages the whole soma and nervous system health(:10)
5. Trauma as a collective phenomena(:15)
6. The training for the T2D Therapist and new paradigm for the future therapistin COVID- 19 and post- pandemic times.(:10)
7. Experiential Guidance: The Backbody Practice(:10)
8. Summary of T2D work(:5)

- Q&A (10 min),

-Wrap up (promote your upcoming events, resources etc.) (3 min)
-Next Course with Manuela:
-From Trauma to Dharma Level 1 Online Course (6 weeks) Register:
-2 Websites: &
-USABP Closing (2min)

Manuela Mischke-Reeds, MFT

I am a leader in the fields of trauma, stress, resiliency and mindfulness psychology.  I teach students around the globe,  manage a professional training business, and provide consultation services to doctors and therapists who need specialized trauma and mindfulness expertise.  Over twenty years, I have counseled  100+ psychotherapy clients, focusing on many types of trauma including PTSD, political torture, emotional and physical  violence, chronic stress, providing evidence-based solutions.

Manuela Mischke-Reeds, MFT Detailed Background

Manuela Mischke-Reeds, MA, MFT, is a Somatic Psychotherapist and an international teacher of Somatic Psychology, Dharma Teacher and author. She co-directs the Hakomi Institute of California and is the Senior Faculty in Hakomi Australia.

Manuela teaches regularly in the US, Germany, and Australia and Israel, Columbia, China. She lectures, consults and trains professionals in Hakomi Therapy, Somatic Trauma Therapy, Somatic Meditation, Attachment and Movement therapy. She has been in a private psychotherapy practice in Northern California for 20 years, working with a wide spectrum of clients from Trauma survivors, First responders. She has consulted with business leaders how to incorporate somatic wisdom and stress relief into the work culture of silicon valley.

Her integrative teaching brings together various fields of Psychology, Buddhism, Somatic Wisdom from many traditions.

Manuela’s view on healing trauma and creating thriving life is to root the individual in the collective wisdom of the body. Understanding ones own body is technology that can be accessed and utilized in daily life enhancing personal growth and performance.

Manuela’s therapeutic knowledge for the past 20 + has extended to working with many cultures, ranges of trauma and life span issues. She has treated survivors of political torture, sexual abuse victims, first responders, kidnap victims, developmental and attachment trauma clients.

She has authored three books including Somatic Psychotherapy Toolbox. PESI (2018), 8 Keys to Practicing Mindfulness. W.W. Norton (2015).


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These exclusive webinars are  brought to you in part by the USABP, its proud members and sponsors.

These live webinars often include demonstrations, video and slide presentations, experiential exercises, Q & A discussions, insights from attendees, presenter shares about their personal journey and inspirations,  and much more.

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