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WEBINAR: Fear and the Mind-Body Split: Fundamental to Dysfunction

  • 27 Jun 2019
  • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Zoom


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Frederic Lowen, Executive Director of The Alexander Lowen Foundation PresentsFear and the Mind-Body Split: Fundamental to Dysfunction

The Mind-Body Split is a term that has been around the body-psychotherapy community for decades. It refers to a disconnect between how we think, and how we feel. It describes the nature of our relationship with ourselves. If our thinking and cognitive activities, including our self-image, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, ideologies, and behavioral motivations, do not reflect how we feel; and/or if we do not know how we feel due to repressed fear obscuring anger, sadness, hurts, humiliations, etc., that are outside our conscious awareness, then we are cut off from our own truth.

Denials, rationalizations, over-charged mental processes, and cognitive or verbal ‘streaming,’ inappropriate acting-out, or the need for control are all symptoms of a disconnect between mind and body, or between thinking and feeling.

My thesis is that the mind-body split is so pervasive and wide-spread, it is has become normalized, and is thereby virtually unrecognized, although it is fundamental to many, if not all psychological disorder. Not only widespread and fundamental to disorder and abnormalities. It is also fundamental to much ‘normal’ behavior, and the cumulative social dysfunction: the insanity of our culture as the exploitation of the population, and the natural resources of our beautiful world, is celebrated and championed in the name of ‘jobs and a strong economy,’ while in truth we exacerbate an unsustainable and destructive culture, and face a frightening future.

This webinar will examine the mind-body split as a phenomenon best understood energetically, how to recognize it, and how it may effectively guide the process of body-psychotherapy as therapists work cognitively and physically to heal the disconnect, helping clients discover their own truth. Without one’s own truth, one cannot effectively judge and engage the falsity and insanity of our modern culture. The dominance of ‘fake news’ is an indication of how widespread the mind-body split is, affecting not only our clients, but our political, educational and business leaders, our friends, our families, and ourselves.

Topics for learning and discussion:

  • Basics of the Reich energy model in psychotherapy
  • The unique role of fear in trauma
  • How to recognize the mind-body split
  • How to heal the mind-body split
  • How the mind-body split is fundamental to social dysfunction
  • Responsibilities and opportunities for body-psychotherapists

My Bio: 

Frederic Lowen, son of Alexander Lowen, M.D., is Executive Director of The Alexander Lowen Foundation; manager of the Lowen copyrights; and a certified bioenergetic psychotherapist, CBT.

Living with and raised by Alexander Lowen, founder of Bioenergetic Analysis and student of Wilhelm Reich, Frederic has long term and extensive experience in Bioenergetics and Bioenergetic therapy, from workshop and training attendance since 1966. Frederic seeks to expand the visiblity, appreciation, and use of Bioenergetics and body-psychotherapy. Bioenergetics offers a powerful and unique way to heal the widespread mind-body split, the fundamental goal of psychotherapy. Largely un-recognized, the mind-body split afflicts individuals and populations around the world, creating individual and social dysfunction. Frederic brings his varied problem-solving skills to the task.

As a Bioenergetic psychotherapist with a unique background in small-business, Frederic integrates economics, business, psychotherapy and Bioenergetics to understand and mitigate individual and collective dysfunctional behaviors and attitudes in his clinical therapeutic work, and as Director of the Foundation’s efforts to promote Bioenergetics, body-psychotherapy, and social healing. In addition to operating the non-profit Alexander Lowen Foundation, Frederic is Manager of LowenCorp Publishing LLC, a holding company for the Lowen copyrights. LowenCorp Publishing is actively expanding the availability, accessibility and visibility of the 15 Lowen books around the world, currently translated into 18 languages. Frederic lives and works in Vermont, USA, while traveling extensively to educate psychotherapists, health workers, and individuals in the psychotherapeutic use of direct bodywork to access hidden and unconscious feelings, emotions, and subjective experience.

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