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WEBINAR: The Wounding Womb, Prenatal Life and Body Psychotherapy

  • 16 May 2019
  • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Zoom


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Karyne Wilner from the CORE Energetics Academy Presents, "The Wounding Womb, Prenatal Life and Body Psychotherapy." 

Events, internal, such as a mother’s blood pressure, and external, such as food supply, emotional stress, or cigarettes, impact the fetus and even change DNA. Research shows that body shape, health, and size are impacted in the womb before the first year of life. The role of body therapists is to help their clients remove or decrease the effects of these influences over which they had no control so that they may live a healthy, vital, and meaningful life. 

In this webinar we’ll discuss methods and techniques that address this issue.

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About our Presenter Karyne B. Wilner, PSYD, Licensed Psychologist

Karyne, who has over 30 years of therapy and training experience, is known for her work with individuals, couples, and training therapists. She has traveled widely, nationally and internationally, giving lectures, workshops, seminars, and teaching counseling skills. She holds graduate degrees in clinical psychology, nonverbal communications, and humanistic education. Her work emphasizes sexual awareness, relationships, personal growth, and the need to open the heart and love.

She worked closely with John C. Pierrakos, MD, her mentor, who founded Bioenergetics and Core Energetics. As Director of Education for his Institutes and Director of the Institute of Core Energetics in Brazil, she designed a mindbody curriculum, trained therapists, and supported the growth of Core Energetics worldwide.

Currently she is the Director of Integrated Psychological Services Center in Providence, RI and an Adjunct Instructor in the Holistic Counseling Graduate Program at Salve Regina University in Newport, RI.

Her goal today is to teach Dr. Pierrakos’ work and integrate it with current humanistic, holistic, and mindfulness theory based on empirical findings and research.

While Karyne has taught Core Energetics at many venues around the world, she is now continuing her service by bringing the strongest teachers and cutting edge curricula to trainings in the New England area. Her new curricula merge recent empirical findings with clinical findings from the past, and integrate current streams of knowledge about body wisdom and personality change with that which is historically sound. 

In addition to her training programs, she is presently teaching Master’s level Holistic Counseling courses at Salve Regina University in Newport RI, and providing private sessions for individuals and couples from her headquarters office in Middletown, RI as well as her branch office in Providence.

In the past she was Assistant Director of the Institute of Core Energetics headquartered in New York City,  Associate Director of the Australian Institute of Core Energetics, Senior Director of the Brazil Institute of Core Energetics, Board Member of the Core Energetics Foundation, Director of Drexel University’s Counseling Center, and Group Co-Coordinator at the Humanistic Psychotherapy Studies Center.

She has written numerous journal articles about counseling and psychology and she is currently working on two book proposals, Finding Your Body’s Wisdom and Mindfulness and Anger.

Karyne holds degrees in Clinical Psychology, Nonverbal Communication and Humanistic Education.

“Working with people— learning why they behave in certain ways, helping them find better coping mechanisms, transform aspects of their personalities, improve their lives—these have been the deep and permanent goals in my life.” KARYNE WILNER

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