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WORKSHOP: Men's Group

  • 2 Nov 2018
  • 4 Nov 2018
  • Florida

Men's Workshop Weekend


with Eric Diamond, PhD

November 2 - 4, 2018

8 – 12 men

“Early Bird” discount.


About the Leader

Eric Diamond, PhD – Eric is a psychotherapist with 30 years of experience; graduate of the Bioenergetics Training Program; Training Leader in Bioenergetic Therapy; Founder and Director of the Gainesville Men’s Center; and co-leader of the Exploring the Masculine Men’s Retreats. He is also a husband, father, musician and creator of “evocative, complex, and amusing” poetry which was recently published in a collection entitled Strange Frontier.


Eric has experienced, studied and taught Bioenergetics with Bob Glazer and the superb faculty of the FSBA for decades. His encounter with the Men's Movement was through the Gainesville Mens' Council in the 1980's. He began his Monday Night Men's group 22 years ago in addition to attending many life-changing men's gatherings with such leaders as Robert Bly, John Lee, Robert Moore. Eric is an initiate and an active member of the Mankind Project. With two co-leaders, he developed the Exploring the Masculine Men's Retreats which combines story, ritual, drumming, intensive therapeutic work while forming a community of brothers. 


About the Workshop

Bioenergetics is a powerful approach to change, to growth, and to Life itself. It weaves emotional release and unblocks holding patterns with a sophisticated understanding of psychodynamics, character, and inner conflict.


This weekend retreat will combine Bioenergetics and Men’s work. Men’s Work is built on truth-telling and brotherhood in safe settings, enhanced by the wisdom in mythic stories and energized by transformative experiences using the power of group support and challenge. Every man will have the opportunity to go deeply into what he is seeking and have support to let go of burdens and fears. Eric will also bring in expressive men’s work, including story, poetry, and drumming. Each man will have the opportunity to have focused work to meet his own needs, and the chance to give his gifts to other men.


This workshop will offer…

Bioenergetic experiences
Group activities
Expressing and releasing anger and grief
Facing fear

…in a place of brotherhood, acceptance and safety.



How To Register

We invite you to register for this workshop. By clicking here we can accept your registration and payment online. If you would like to pay by check or make other arrangements for payments, please click here and fill out the Contact Form at the bottom of the page, or email to get in touch with us.



Workshop begins Friday, November 2, 8:00 pm

Saturday, November 3, 9:00 am - 10:00 pm

Sunday, November 49:00 am – 4:00 pm

  *All participants are asked to stay on site for the duration of the workshop.



The sliding scale “early bird”  fee for this workshop ranges between $260 - $360 per person if registration is received by October 5th, 2018.  After October 5th, a sliding scale fee is still available, but the range will be from $280 – $390 per person. Participants can decide the payment amount that works within their budget within the fee ranges described above. Scholarships are available.




Accommodation and Travel

Dormitory-style accommodations are available at the FSBA Center, a renovated Victorian farmhouse. For more info, click here. It is requested that participants stay onsite throughout the workshop. For those who enjoy camping, participants are welcome to bring their tent and camp on the land during the workshop. The workshop site is situated on 20 acres of oak forest.


The closest airports are Jacksonville International (JAX) in Florida, which is an hour and 20 minutes away by car, and the Gainesville Regional (GNV) which is a 20 min. drive. International trainees frequently use the Orlando, Tampa and Miami airports.

1321 Antoine Dr.
Houston, TX 77055


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