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WEBINAR: The Call of Darkness: Managing Suicidality in Clinical Practice

  • 4 Oct 2018
  • 1 Nov 2018
  • Online Webinar and Santa Barbara, CA

Thank you Larry Hedges! Get this FREE book download to help you with suicide intervention.

Webinar and USABP Conference CE Training Description:

The White House has declared suicide to be a national and international epidemic and has mandated suicide prevention training for educational and health workers nationwide. Larry will speak about this issue in response to mandates from California licensing boards. He will also offer CE training at the USABP Conference this Nov 1 in Santa Barbara, CA.

In the past three decades much has been learned about the dynamics of suicide and many promising treatment approaches have been advanced that are slowly yielding empirical results. In this webinar and in his upcoming training for USABP Conference attendees Dr. Hedges reviews the major findings about the nature of suicide, the emerging treatment processes that are promising, and the dimensions of assessment and documentation that are essential for liability management in mental health practice.

Dr. Hedges will put forth his own views and a relational/developmental context for managing suicidality.

Learning Goals: At the conclusion of this combined webinar and the taking of his USABP Conference class on Nov 1 participants will be able to:

• Define what is meant by “psychache”.

• List three critical ingredients of Joiner’s interpersonal approach to suicide management.

• State why reliable suicide research has not been possible.

• List Hedges’ four Relational/Developmental Listening Perspectives for managing suicidality.

• Define a “suicide contract” and describe its validity.

• List four key elements in documenting suicidality that limit your liability.

Event Dates:

The Webinar date is TBD... The CE Training at the USABP Conference is on Nov 1. Register here

About the Presenter: 

Larry Hedges, Ph.D., Psy.D., ABPP., began seeing patients in 1966 and completed his training in child psychoanalysis in 1973. Since that time his primary occupation has been training and supervising psychoanalysts and psychotherapists individually and in groups on their most difficult cases. He was the Founding Director of the Newport Psychoanalytic Institute in 1983 where he continues to serve as supervising and training analyst. Throughout his career Dr. Hedges has provided continuing education courses for psychotherapists throughout the United States and abroad. He has consulted or served as expert witness on more than 400 complaints against psychotherapists in 20 states and has published 19 books on various topics of interest to psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists, three of which have received the Gradiva award. During the 1909 centennial celebrations of The International Psychoanalytic Association his 1992 book, Interpreting the Countertransference, was named one of the key contributions in the relational track during the first century of psychoanalysis. In 2015 Dr. Hedges was distinguished by being awarded honorary membership in the American Psychoanalytic Association for his many contributions to psychoanalysis.

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