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    • Contacts

    • Boaz B. Feldman, NeuroSystemics co-founder & CEO:
    • Heath Wilson, NeuroSystemics Faculty:

    • Specialties

    • Embodiment & systemic somatics
    • Transdiagnostic approach to healing trauma, depression, anxiety and addiction disorders
    • Polyvagal-informed, grounded in mindfulness and compassion practices and the latest positive psychology neuroscience
    • Professional Therapy Certification Program: 3-year CARE training (see below).

    • NeuroSystemics methodology
      NeuroSystemics is an integrative methodology bridging ancient wisdom traditions, the latest neurosciences and systemics.

    • We propose:

    • 3-year CARE Professional Therapy Trainings: The CARE (Compassionate Complexity, Awakening, Resiliency & Empowerment) training is a transformative 3-year journey to learn and practice embodiment & somatics, emotional resiliency and interpersonal skills for more meaningful relationships and deep belonging.  You will learn to practice and facilitate:
    •  Compassion & mindfulness practices
    • Awakening the other: one-to-one therapy
    • Resiliency Circles: somatically-centered group psychotherapy
    •  Empowerment Forums: community processes

    Join our compassionate community on a transformative journey
     towards healing, empowerment and awakening!

    Click here to discover the professional therapy NeuroSystemics CARE Training

    As a community-based and systemically-oriented methodology, the first aim of NeuroSystemics is to build safe and caring communities. This enables the natural unfolding of participants’ nervous system regulation, passionate living and awakening to higher levels of understanding.

    Its methods and practices are framed within an integrative perspective to include bio-affective, cognitive, mystic, social and structural dynamics. Much like dancer with different skillsets forming a quartet symphony, NeuroSystemics’ art and science serve to harmonize one’s experience to progressively deeper levels with a variety of tunes to dance at the rhythm of the cosmos.

    The NeuroSystemics Quartet 

    The NeuroSystemics Quartet: building bottom-up resiliency & empowerment processes, listening to (0) Sense practice: Compassion & mindfulness, (1) Self Practice: 1:1 therapy, (2) Social Practice: group psychotherapy, (3) Societal Practice: Empowerment Forums.

    NeuroSystemics CARE Training Benefits: A deep & meaningful adventure

    The CARE training is a transformative 3-year journey to practice essential life and therapeutic skills. It is a precious opportunity to:

    • Enjoy a gentle, pleasurable and solution-centered methodology which focuses on positive psychology while also caring for more problem- and symptom-centered perspectives.
    • Develop an understanding of the most recent clinical research in psychotherapy and its implications for therapeutic practice with individual and groups.
    • Be supported by a caring community of practitioners and teaching team and experience the fundamental role of systemic processes for resilience.
    • Practice self- and systemic regulatory skills and sense the bio-psychosocial nature of the nervous system functioning.
    • Train contemplative abilities of mindfulness, compassion and gratitude with playfulness.
    • Participate in and help co-create grass-roots spaces for reflection and practice.
    • View the experiential therapeutic process in action with live demonstrations and discuss its process of healing, empowerment and awakening.
    • Develop an understanding of the most recent clinical research in psychotherapy and its implications for therapeutic practice with individual and groups.

    Find out more about NeuroSystemics CARE here!

    CARE 3 Axes of impact

    The CARE training is a highly experiential and engaging process oriented towards 3 axes of impact:

    Belonging : “Together we go further”

    Being a part of a vibrant self-organizing community offers radical possibilities to deepen a sense of belonging and skillful engagement. Together, with a diverse and committed group, it is possible to creating positive and empowering visions of the future.

    ·      For clinicians/ therapists: learn to facilitate community processes towards safety, conflict-resolution and coherence.

    Experiential transformation: “The way is in the heart – follow it and be transformed by it.” The training offers different activities, ranging from individual work to small group dynamics to community processes. They all aim to reach deep psychobiological and relational patterns to free up one’s capacity and love for a more connected and purposeful life.

    ·      For clinicians/therapists: embodiment of the therapeutic posture through experiential practice is one of the most important evidence-based factors to facilitate any therapeutic work.

    Skill development: “Give a friend a fish, and you feed them for a day. Teach them to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime.” By personally experiencing the different training activities in a safe environment, one will develop transdiagnostic therapeutic skills for 1:1, group therapy and community settings, transferable to one’s life. Participants, at their own pace, will learn practical abilities for to support durable healing, self-reliance and creative living:

    ·      For clinicians/therapists: you will learn to facilitate experiential practices of mindfulness & compassion, 1:1 therapy, group therapy and community-building processes.

    The CARE training is a professional program, and certified graduates will be registered on the NeuroSystemics online directory and be eligible for member registration on the USABP website.

    Is the CARE Training for you?

    • Therapists, clinicians, psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists, social workers, yoga teachers, health-practitioners and educators interested in a meta-conceptual frame and methods to deepen optimize their practice.
    • New or experienced meditation practitioners who would like to deepen their practice with a bio-psychosocial frame on their internal experience.
    • Community-lovers who would like to be a part of a participative, co-creative and caring circle of friends and companions.
    • Individuals who enjoy teachings about Mindfulness as a spiritual practice and a deepening of embodiment through neurobiological understanding and scientific insights.
    • Professionals in the helping professions and networks of NGO’s searching for empowerment in relation to the climate crisis, social and health issues.

    Example of integrative modelling for tracking and interventions
    of the autonomic nervous system states


    Boaz B. Feldman, Faculty:

    Boaz is a practical visionary, an experienced psychologist, keynote speaker and therapist trainer acting for worldwide positive change. He has worked in numerous humanitarian contexts of conflict-affected regions (Afghanistan, Myanmar) with numerous international NGO’s, trained in Mindfulness as a monk and at university and conducts Mindfulness and compassion research at the National Research Center for Affective Sciences at the University of Geneva. Boaz is the co-founder of SIMPLE and NeuroSystemics, and feels passionate about his activist engagement in the Extinction Rebellion movement.

    Heath Wilson, Associate Faculty:

    Working over 25 years, Heath weaves his expertise as a psychologist, trauma healer, rolf practitioner, craniosacral therapist, enneagram consultant, dating/relationship coach, and has been trained  in Somatic Experiencing. Heath has a long-standing Vipassana meditation practice and has completed several 10-day retreats.

    Irvin Yalom, Consulting Faculty:

    Dr. Irvin David Yalom is planned to teach as a NeuroSystemics Clinical Supervisor on the CARE Training program. He is an American existential psychiatrist, emeritus professor of psychiatry at Stanford University, as well as an author of both fiction and nonfiction.

    Molyn Leszcz, Consulting Faculty:

    Dr. Molyn Leszcz is planned to teach in the CARE Training program as a clinical supervisor. He is the President of the American Group Psychotherapy Association, the former Psychiatrist-in-Chief at Mount Sinai Hospital, Professor at the University of Toronto and served as the Department’s Interim Chair from October 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015. He co-wrote “The Study and Practice of Group Psychotherapy” with Irvin Yalom.

    *NeuroSystemics is neither a regulatory nor licensing organization and therefore not sanctioned to certify, license, or otherwise bestow the legal authorization to practice as a mental health professional.

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