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Comprehensive Training in Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology

  • 9 Oct 2020
  • 12 Jun 2022
  • 2 sessions
  • 9 Oct 2020 (PDT) 27 Jun 2021 (PDT)
  • 10 Sep 2021 (PDT) 12 Jun 2022 (PDT)
  • Austin, TX

Comprehensive Training in Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology

SHORT SUMMARY: The Comprehensive Training has been revised to cover more material than in previous trainings. We still have two modules, but Module One has an additional weekend now. So, we now convene for 19 weekends total instead of 18.

Presented by: Gregory Gaiser, Hakomi Trainer, PC, Organizational Consultant

Module One: Dates: Oct. 9, 2020 – June 27, 2021

Module Two: Sept. 10, 2021 – June 12, 2022


The Comprehensive Training has been revised to cover more material than in previous trainings. We still have two modules, but Module One has an additional weekend now. So, we now convene for 19 weekends total instead of 18.

Module One, offers a thorough grounding in the theories and techniques of Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology. Module Two presents an advanced level of the work including a developmental model of character structure, basics about trauma and the body, increased practice session time, feedback for practitioners (strengths and growing edges), ethical issues and support, and guidelines for certification as a Hakomi Practitioner.

For Whom

This training is for professional therapists and counselors, healing arts practitioners, coaches, students of counseling and psychotherapy, interns, educators, clergy and people transitioning into the field of body psychology who want to learn the method in its entirety.


A two day Hakomi workshop or class with Hakomi Institute SW faculty

A completed application including recent photo and resume or vitae

A non-refundable application fee of $85.00

An in person interview with HSW faculty

In some situations, the Institute may require additional information from an applicant, an additional interview with the HSW faculty or the completion of specific additional learning.

What You Will Learn:

In this hands-on, experiential training, you’ll learn how to:

Energize and strengthen your work using Hakomi’s inspiring principles like mindfulness, nonviolence, organicity, mind-body holism and unity

Use mindfulness to identify and transform hidden core beliefs driving self-defeating behavior

Gain greater self-awareness by mindfully studying your own limiting reactive patterns

Work from a compassionate, nonjudgmental state that helps clients feel safer and go deeper

Apply unique and innovative methods for melting client resistance and overcoming impasses in your work

Description of Module One:

Module One includes in-depth coverage of the Hakomi principles, Hakomi theories, maps and models as well as specific techniques. Training weekends include a mix of didactic material, experiential exercises, discussion, movement/embodiment exercises, group maintenance time and supervised practice times.

Description of Module Two:

Module Two offers a developmental theory of character including specific stages of development and learning tasks associated with each stage. A general understanding of Attachment Theory is included. In addition, students are taught basics about traumatic activation: how to recognize it, how to resource someone dealing with it and when to refer to more specialized body-centered practitioners.

Module Two also includes more advanced practice and integration of the Hakomi method.

Course Requirements:

In addition to regular attendance, there are monthly reading assignments and monthly peer study groups. Since proficiency with the method comes through practice, it is highly recommended that students arrange practice sessions with appropriate volunteer clients. Upon graduation, those meeting the above requirements will receive a Certificate of Completion. Qualifying as a Certified Hakomi Therapist or Certified Hakomi Practitioner is competency based. This usually involves advanced supervision from the Hakomi faculty including video session review.

Presented By:

Gregory Gaiser, is an Organizational Consultant, Pastoral Counselor, and a Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology veteran of over 30 years. Originally trained in massage therapy, Gregory maintains an avid interest in the many developments in the field of body psychology, including recent advances in neuroscience. His training in Buddhist meditation is an important influence in his work. Mindful awareness, respect for living systems, and non-violence are the foundations for his work with both organizations and individuals. Gregory is a trained facilitator for the Right Use of Power Institute which specializes in resolving ethical issues between individuals and groups. Gregory has taught traditional Hakomi and Resolving Trauma Through the Body classes in the U.S., Europe, Canada and New Zealand and Japan. He also co-designed and taught a graduate level course at Boulder College of Massage Therapy specializing in massage therapy for trauma survivors including survivors of the Columbine shootings. He has also taught the body psychology classes at Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage in Austin, TX. His passion is assisting people and organizations in developing a clear sense of purpose, emotional intelligence and resiliency, and capacity for connection.

EVENT LOCATION: Sol Healing and Wellness Center 13805 Ann Pl Austin , TX 78728 United States

COST: uition for each module: $4800; early enrollment rate: $4250 $500 deposit due by July 1, 2019 for early enrollment price for Module One. $500 deposit due by July 1, 2020, for early enrollment for Module Two.

REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS: Payment plans available for a small fee. There are a limited number of work-study (reduced tuition based on need) positions available. Ask for an application if you are interested.


46-E Peninsula Center Drive, Box 126
Rolling Hills Estates California 90274


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