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"Sensory Awareness: The basis of Somatic Psychotherapy." 

Presented by Judyth Weaver

Gain insights into the world of Body Psychotherapy, Somatic Psychology and the benefits of becoming more aware of yourself.

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We are naturally born as vital, fully sensory beings.

Traumas, tensions, even some education and surely much in our contemporary lives can diminish our vitality and interrupt our senses of connection, thereby creating unrest and insecurities in our lives.

How can we, as therapists, help another connect unless we can connect with ourselves? If we do not experience our own feelings, how can we relate to the feelings of others?

Sensory Awareness is the practice of coming more aware ….. of ourselves, of how we respond to various aspects of our lives… the rest of the world.

This webinar will be an experiential session in which we will explore our connections and disconnections with ourselves and our surroundings.

Sensory Awareness has been basic in the development of Somatics and Body Psychotherapies and has influenced many various therapies, starting with the work of Wilhelm Reich, considered the father of body therapies. Examples of how this work has been used in therapeutic sessions will also be presented.

The Benefits of this Webinar


  • will have the experience of “feeling for themselves” without judgement, and explore the possibilities of passing it on to others.
  • will have the understanding of helping others connect in these simple, profound manners of explorations.
  • may have more awareness of the sensations of connecting and disconnecting and how to use them with therapeutic issues.

About the Presenter

Judyth O. Weaver, Ph.D. in Reichian Psychology, was mentored by Reich’s eldest daughter, Eva. She is certified in Somatic Experiencing, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and Prenatal and Birth Therapy. 

She is a Gestalt therapist and a Rosen Method practitioner and senior teacher. 

In 1968 she began studying with Charlotte Selver, who brought the work of Elsa Gindler to the U.S. and eventually named it Sensory Awareness. Certified to teach T’ai Chi Ch’uan, she created the T’ai Chi program at Naropa Institute. 

Professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) for over 25 years; she co-founded Santa Barbara Graduate Institute and created its Somatic Psychology doctoral program. She maintains a private practice in the U.S., and teaches internationally.

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