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BODY-BASED TRAINING RESOURCES –  Open to organizations that offer standalone workshops or training programs less than 400 hours in length.   Founders must have completed a training or degree program from at least one recognized free-standing Institute.

BODYWORK – SOMATIC MOVEMENT RESOURCES: –  Training programs that educate students/therapist to become professional somatic movement educators or bodyworkers using methods that involve the psychology of body movement and awareness.

Both these categories join us under the training resources membership level: 

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The Field of Body Psychotherapy continues to grow. People continue to seek out and discover new ways to bring healing and transformation to clients and society.

Our membership and outreach makes us the perfect partner for helping your mission. Take a look at some of the ways we support your success and our mutual vision.


Education and Training page listing: Your institution will be listed with a link, logo, and contact information included.

Institution Page: We invite you to provide a description of your modality that will be linked from the Education and Training Page.

Events Page: You will be invited to post your institutional training events on our Events page

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Unlimited Articles a Month in our blogs.

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The cost for your training resource listing is only $500.00 for one year.

Awards to Your Graduates is Always an Honor and Testament to Your Methods

Our Award events honor the many positive contributing milestones in our history. And from time to time it is in special order that we take time to honor a few individuals in particular.

We are pleased each year to present Award Recipients to honor them and all that they represent in our industry. Join us at our next Award Ceremony.


Since its inception in 1998, the USABP has made it a priority to honor the people who have made somatic psychology, body psychotherapy, and body/mind practices what they are today: acknowledging our history is extremely important in our identity as an organization.

USABP lifetime achiement award

At each USABP conference a body psychotherapist has been recognized for their lifetime achievements specifically in the field of body psychotherapy by impacting the field, contributing to the body of knowledge, expanding the audience, mobilizing the community, and support of the field at large. 

Click here to view Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients 

Alice K. Ladas Reearch award 

For Outstanding Research Advancing the Profession of Body Psychotherapy and Outstanding Research Advancing the Profession of Body Psychotherapy by a Student the USABP offers two research awards at each conference. Click here to view the Alice K. Ladas Research Award

Click here to view recipients of the  Alice K. Lada Research Award.


Learn from distinguished Institutes that meet USABP standards.

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